Friday, 5 April 2013

I'm a feeder....

.... and an amazing host!! (No, no need for being modest, I'm a brilliant host) My speciality is when we have playmates over. Today we have had 2 extra children here and of course there's homemade pølsehorn (sausage rolls), lemonade and fruit! The little man's mate is a new school mate who's not been here before. When I picked them up he ran to me and said "I have been so excited all morning waiting for you to come and pick us up so I can go to the little man's house and play" After that he can do no wrong!! Now I'm boasting anyway, I might as well mention a few of the other things the playmates have been heard saying:  "It's very nice here" and "I love the pølsehorn".

So I feel it's okay to say I'm a brilliant host!


  1. Loving this, all I do is sweets, fish fingers and peas and maybe, just MAYBE a corn on the cob :P

    1. To be fair these pølsehorn are very very easy to make;)

  2. Whoo they look great, you are a great host :) Thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend hop :)


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