Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tomorrow the little man is 6... Can you believe it?

Well, I certainly can't! My little boy is 6 years old, in school and growing with a speed that's frightning. Today he helped me bake cup cakes to bring to school tomorrow. It's for his class and teacher. They'll enjoy them after morning assembly where the whole school will sing happy birthday for him. He's very excited! Just look at my little big chef in his appron... Where did the time go?

He's in bed now, sound asleep and the daddy and I have decorated the house with flags (that's what we do here in Denmark) and balloons. He can have a few presents in the morning and then we'll be celebrating with the grandparents and great aunty after school. I'm sure there'll be more pressies and a birthday song too.


  1. Ah happy birthday to your son!

    My twins turned 6 last week. Where does the time go?

    1. Thank you and a belated happy birthday to your twins:)

  2. Happy Birthday! It's frightening how quickly the years fly by.


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