Sunday, 25 August 2013

The one with yet another birthday party.

11 girls and boys came at 10am and the little man span the bottle so they all got to hand over their present one by one. The weather was great so we put blankets in the garden and they enjoyed a cupcake before they played. The princess had a trail of little girls after her and was amazing with them.... The boys made a huge train track, played on the trampoline and shot a few hoops.
At lunch time we sat them on blankets in the garden again, so much easier for us when it came to tidying up. Then it was time for the treasure hunt which the princess and the daddy were in charge of. They had just finished when it was time to be picked up again. They were all very well behaved and it was lots of fun, the little man had enjoyed his party he told us. Well, that's nice isn't it? We enjoyed it too but i must admit I'm tired now and looking forward to bedtime.

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