Friday, 20 September 2013

Meet Kevin....

Kevin is my new kitchen helper and he looks like this....
Isn't he hansome?? I know and he gets the job done!  He makes the dough (and a lot of other stuff when I work out what and how to do it) but right now he is mixing the ingredients to the differents breads and buns I'm making. It's so easy and no painful hands or arms from kneading. Kevin does that.... This bread 1 and 2, yummy!


  1. Hey's been a while. Guessing your life with the start of school and all is as hectic as mine! Hope all is well and happy baking...not totally sure what that is but seems like it might be similar to my stand mixer, which I can't live without...cookies, breads, pizza dough oh my!!!!!

    1. Hey Meg. Yeah, live is hectic with school runs, playdates, gymnastics... I love my kitchen machine or stand mixer:)


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