Sunday, 15 September 2013

Some weeks just fly by, don't they...???

I feel this week has gone sooo quickly. We haven't done anything special really just normal stuff. Took me a few days to get over the Wedding, that's how my MS body works. It'll let me have a good time without bothering me then hit back the next days.... Even though the daddy and the diglots baked cookies to cheer it up. I got cheered up but my MS body took 3 days this time. Think I need to have a word!

Tuesday was Sports Day at school and the weather was lovely so no muddy clothes for me to wash.... Oh, and apparently pancake-baking-over-open-fire is a sport!!! Lego building wasn't so the princess and I had to just do that at home. She has so much Friends Lego now and loves building with it. I love when I'm allowed to be in charge help out.
The little man is into drawing at the moment and he has chosen to draw fruits, veggies, tools and guns.... Yep, guns! The purple one was for his sister. He gets up in the morning and draws, he comes home from school and draws.

Tradition here at ours is that on Fridays the diglots have a bowl of treats but not if bad behavior has been going on too much... Well, this Friday somebody had not been good so somebody had a bowl of fruit instead. Somebody then stated that "somebody had not had treats 3 times on a friday" and then concluded somebody had only been very naugthy 3 times ever... Well I think not, but let's leave it for now!

Actually I feel September has gone really quickly already or maybe a lot of things have happened, like the proud moment when the princess recieved her t-shirt at school for reading 5000 pages. Or when we went to have a big ice cream on the first day of Autumn. The Princess started gymnastics again every Monday evening, now being the oldest on their team. So I guess the days have just passed quickly getting back into routine.


  1. I agree, September is flying by and we've nothing to explain its speed like you have.

    I'm putting it down to them starting school and nursery, far more stressful for me than them!

    1. Yeah, they settle in easily don't they.... It's us parents who struggle:) But I do think time has speeded up somehow since I was little...


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