Sunday, 1 September 2013

A calm weekend it has been.

Last Sunday, 11 little girls and boys were running around the house. It was the last of the birthday shenanigans and this weekend it has just been us. We have had a very needed we-have-nothing-planned-weekend. Since school started again 3 weeks ago, we have been busy every weekend. So we decided that it's having-a-big-ice-cream-day today. Yes, it's the first day of Autumn today but that won't stop us because we need a big ice cream today. One for all of us up at the ice cream parlour in the forest.
They tasted sooo good.... 

Now it's homework time, the princess and daddy are doing maths. I'm getting school bags ready for tomorrow and getting gymnastics clothes packed, one for the little man for school and one not for school but for the princess' gymnastics class. It is starting up again tomorrow at 6pm so we have a busy Monday ahead but I'm sure we'll soon be used to the routine again.

Next weekend is a little bit busy, but only Saturday. My oldest friend (as in the friend I've known for the longest) is getting married so we have a wedding to attend, yippeee! My mum is looking after the little man and princess so it will be a relaxing wedding just about me, I mean my friend of course but also me a bit as there's no children for daddy to tend to, just me!

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