Sunday, 30 October 2016

Here's a little thing I wrote for the MS Society

This picture is from a typical morning in our half term. We're relaxing together and that is also what you can call 'hygge'!

You can read it right here!

I grew up with 'hygge' so it is a little difficult to explain. But 'hygge' can be a big thing or little thing. It's different from person to person. A quiet slow lazy morning like on a Sunday or like we had in half term is 'hygge' for me.
Dinner with family (we just had Uncle, Aunty and little baby Cousin visiting from England and staying 4 days) where we played Chinese Whispers is 'hygge' too!
I could mention more things but I think you get it.

We said goodbye to Uncle, Aunty and baby Cousin yesterday morning. Luckily we see them already again at Christmas. Yeah, Christmas which also is 'hygge'.

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