Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Oooops! Once again it's been a while.

There we all are. Ready to go to a wedding. 

Only 3 weeks after we came home from our Summer holiday in England, Holland and Germany we flew back to England for a wedding. We were only there 3 days because schools were about to start up again in Denmark. The wedding was amazing. It was lovely to see the family again especially our little new niece/cousin.
The princess and the little man thought their little cousin had grown already.

I thought so too and it was hard leaving again after only 3 days. But now there's only a week until we see her again. This time she will have grown a lot. From mid August to the end of October will be how long we haven't seen her. Well, we've seen her on Skype but that's not quite the same. We are very excited.

At the moment it's half term here in Denmark and we're relaxing. Today these 2 had a haircut and that's about all we did today!
Pre-haircut photo! They were not up for an after-haircut photo. A lot came off both though and they both look really nice.

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