Monday, 24 October 2016

Road Trip

Some of the music we listened to going to Germany and back on Friday. The kids had nowhere to run and ended up liking most of mummy and daddy's playlist.

Friday, the daddy had the day off and we all went to Germany. We live only an hour away and on a rainy day it was a nice thing to do. Also we're still so amazed with our new car that a longish drive is a bit of a treat. We finally got a car with automatic gear and it's a dream to drive with. Especially for me with my constant-pins-and-needles-feet and my heavy left leg. Not that I got to drive eiher way though. The hubby thought it was best he drove. I have the car every day so he dosen't get to drive it much. So I let him drive of course... no need for tantrums.

We had a great little road trip and have been relaxing the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow it's back to school again. Everyday life is back. Well, nearly because on Tuesday Uncle D, Aunty E and baby I. arrive. They're staying until Saturday. We're all very excited.
This is my treat I brought back from our little road trip. I love the jar!

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