Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dripping wax....

Well, that's a direct translation from Danish 'dryppe lys' whether it's right I do not know. It does say what I mean though, literally!
Light a candle and let the wax drip into a small bowl of cold water. That's what the princess, little man and I were doing yesterday. They were very proud to be allowed to hold the candle and use it to light a new colour, then blow out the candle just used. They were very careful and no hair was burnt... Might be because I was constantly reminding them not to lean over!

Pretty aren't they...??
It's a nice little easy thing to make for the grandparents for Christmas.


  1. Åhh det er så hyggeligt! Hvis i har nogle kageudstikkere, kan man dryppe i dem, så de får facon af feks hjerter osv! :)

    1. Ej, go' ide med kageudstikkere. Sådan nogle må jeg få købt:)

  2. These look great :) thanks for sharing ....


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