Friday, 23 November 2012

Something goes away and a new idea arises....

We've (until a week ago) had 2 cars, a little dinky one for me and a family car which the daddy drove. My car had it's MOT 2 weeks ago and failed and I mean failed to the extent that it was only to be driven to my mechanics. What to do now???
Well, luckily my mum lives close and happily helps in times of need! The daddy works a good 8 miles away so 16 all together and we have never thought of him not driving.
"Why don't I ride my bike?" Hmmmm, yeah why not!!
The more he thought about it, the more keen he got so we fixed his bike so it had everything in order. He left excitedly half an hour earlier the first morning and I would be lying if I said I wasn't just a tad nervous. But 55 minutes later a text ticked in, he had safe and sound made it to work in time.... Woo hoo!!!
Ever since he has never looked back and 2 cars is in the past, no need for that. He's happily cycling to work and back, feels less tired and just plain loves it!!
I'm very proud of him and yes of course I've told him.... At dinner today he mentioned again how he loves it and I said as a joke "next stop Tour de France then..."
"I could do that!!"
I'm sorry, what?? But he insisted it couldn't be that tough and 5 days a week he was cycling 16 miles so really, how hard could it be??

But really, Tour de France or not, I'm proud of him for cycling every day to work and so happy to be the one left with the car!!


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