Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I'm scared, I'm so scared, mummy!

That's what the little man screamed whilst shaking yesterday when he got, not just one but 2 splinters, for the first time in his life. How's he's managed not to get any at all for 5 years, I do not know. The princess has had several since she was little. So she's a bit of an expert on the subject so she shared her experience about splinters with the little man. Made a big effort to assure him it wasn't too bad, there would be no blood but a needle would be requried.
The little man was crying but brave and the first splinter was removed..... Big cheers and woo hoo's!! Then on to the next splinter. This time the little man had stopped shaking and crying and demanded to see to make sure I did it properly. He even giggled.... What a change in just 2 minutes but two splinters were removed and the little man was so proud.

This morning he needed to just go through the splinter story a few times to make sure we all remembered how scared and brave he was!! I of course told him what a big brave boy he was and that he eagerly agreed with.
Not to forget the princess and her part in the big splinter drama last night, I did remember to tell her what a big help she was sharing her experience with her little brother.

Here they are, the brave little man and his helpful big sister.


  1. Splinters are such scary things, aren't they? Lol. Hope he recovered ok!
    Our 4 yr old freaked out when he had a splinter too and we couldn't help but laugh!

    1. He's very well now, thanks:) Now he can't stop talking about it:)


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