Sunday, 11 November 2012

Football fan but not your team, daddy!!

The little man has an interest in football, helped by the daddy who's the biggest football fan I know. As the little man has gotten older (now 5) his understanding of the game has increased and he sits with the daddy and watches the games. He loses interest after a while but not before he knows what team the daddy wants to win and more often than not then chooses the opposite team!! That's all fine when it's randomish games but when it's the daddy's team it hurts when the little man chooses the reds not the blues.....
When we went away with our friends the other weekend the men were discussing this as our friends little boy does the same!!! My friend and I said nothing, it was not a discussion for us to interact in!! None of us suprised that our little boys are winding up their daddy!!

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