Sunday, 20 January 2013

Brownies made by the daddy!

You know how men are, always needing praise when they make things. Whether it's a treehouse or brownies doesn't matter, they have to be praised!!
Well, fine then I will give the daddy some praise. He has found this recipe app on his mobile and there's now no stopping him when it comes to baking! Scones, banana bread, cookies and now also brownies. He also made the princess and little man look (not help, just look) so they could witness live, that it was really him making the brownies.

The finished brownie with vanilla ice cream which we had for dessert last night. It was yummy especially the princess was impressed and could easily have had the whole lot!

Does your man need praise every time he has made something??


  1. Whoo i would praise my hubby if he made me yummy cakes:) thanks for stopping by and linking up to Welcome to the weekend hop...

  2. Wish my husband would make brownies! In fact I would rather he'd have made brownies than made me pregnant... lol x

    1. Ha' ha' :) They were very good brownies:)


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