Friday, 4 January 2013

Playground and presents, small as well as big ones....

There were a few days in England where the princess, little man and the daddy were well enough to venture out!! So first stop had to be the playground, right.... Happy faces, fresh air and lots of fun!!

The little man wearing a few of his Christmas presents! A cool leather pilot jacket and his cool hat which he also wore for a while on Christmas day when he got it.... His excitement on Christmas day was so lovely. Aunty 'I' gave him a big present with a little one attached on top. He chose to open the little one first and screamed (and I mean screamed really loudly) with joy: "Look daddy, batteries... Batteries, mummy!! Look...!!" Then he opened the big packet, a radio controlled Rory car! Screams again but not as loud....

He's got his priorities right, hasn't he??


  1. Lovely pictures! It's great what kids take the most pleasure in, isn't it? Found you on Clairejustine's bloghop by the way.

  2. Sound like they had so much fun :-) Happy New year...

    1. They did:) Happy New Year to you too:)


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