Monday, 14 January 2013

How exciting.....

This is what the little man spelled with his cars Sunday morning at 8.30am.

Why...?? No idea but looked it up and here's what Wikipedia says:

Pilae Stacks are stacks of pilae tiles, square thin tiles, that were used in Roman times as an element of the underfloor heating system, common in Roman bathhouses, called the hypocaust. The concept of the Pilae stacks is that the floor is constructed at an elevated position, allowing air to freely circulate underneath and up, through the hollow bricks, into the structure walls. Examples of such baths are found not only in Rome, but also in Roman Britain and distant parts of the Roman Empire such as the baths at Chellah, in modern day Morocco.
This architectural technique was the first form of underfloor heating and the same principle is still used today.

Well, didn't know that! Did you...?? Sounds like the little man did... why write the word without that exciting knoweledge, eh???


  1. Didn't know that, it's starting to worry me how much I'm learning from children!

    It's a very smart way of telling you your floor is cold :)


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