Friday, 15 February 2013

And here she is....

My little red indian girl ready for her fastelavns party at school. She was so so excited this morning and she looked so sweet and cool, don't you think??

Today is also the start of half term here. The little man and the princess have the whole of next week off. Nana and Papa are coming to stay for most of the week, yeah!!! We can't wait. Nana has promised to bring rubarb/custard hard-boiled sweets for me, chocolate stars and magazines for the others... She always spoils us!

And I sure need spoiling because I'm struggling here.... I have a stomach ache, easily tear up and not sure how I'll cope! Me, dramatic?? No, no this is tough guys!! The little man starts school the 1st March. Argh my little boy starts school, he's all grown up, not needing his mummy very much and no way does he let me kiss him in public. What do I do....!?!


  1. First of all - yes she is truly adorable and about getting spoiled, so do I. My parents just arrived and brought TONS of Danish specialities with them (my kitchen cabinets are on the brink of bursting)
    I understand you fully when it comes to sending the kids to school, here in Belgium I am so 'lucky' that my boy starts next year, when he's a mere 2½ years old!!! They are still our little babies but not really, they are individuals and a person with a mind of their own. It's not fair....

    1. Ah, I used to love it when my mum would visit us in England and bring rugbrød and Piratos:)
      Yeah, school.... if we've been in England still both our children would have been in school now for years:)


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