Tuesday, 5 February 2013

They hadn't thought it through....

That's the little man and a few other boys at nursery I'm talking about. It's still quite cold here so the children are all wrapped up in skiing clothes and big gloves when they're outside playing. The little man and his little friends thought they found the solution to their hands being cold even with gloves on!!

They went in to the bathroom and filled their gloves with warm water which I'm pretty sure they thought was a very good idea.... 10 minutes later they weren't so sure!! The teacher couldn't help laughing when she told me, and the daddy and I thought it was hilarious... They weren't told off as they probably learnt their lesson without adult help!

Another one of his good ideas.... Here is the little man, helping me baking with his tiger ears, tail and nose on, the nose not quite in the right place but who cares.

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