Sunday, 17 February 2013

Not finished with Mario yet....

Since Monday when the little man had his Fastelavn party at nursery, he has asked to wear his Mario outfit every day. So when back from nursery, Mario has appeared and so it was on Friday as well. The princess had her Fastelavn party at school and went as a red indian girl.

My colleague from the MS Blog I write, is making a book which I have written a piece for too. He was coming around on Friday to take some photos of the children and me. As the princess was dressed up the little man also insisted to be Mario of course. So me hoping for some lovely photos with the children and me became the red indian girl, Mario and me! He took a lot of photos! The photos were all lovely, this being my favourite...

This is his webpage (in Danish but the photos are lovely) !!


  1. Beautiful pictures, what gorgeous children you have:) I live it when the kids dress up, do wonderfully innocent. Tilly has a thing about being a cat.

    1. Thank you:) The little man go through stages of dressing up and at the moment it's Mario:)


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