Wednesday, 13 February 2013


That's what the little man choose to dress up as! Monday the nursery celebrated fastelavn and the little man was very excited. He arrived at nursery to meet all his friends also all dressed up. There were a lot of princesses, superheroes, a dragon, Tigger and drumroll please.....  Mario!

Cute isn't he....??


  1. That is so cool, my boys have Mario envy!

    For the last few weeks I have to refer to them as Mario and Luigi. Worryingly I'm Peaches which is a little embarrassing when we're out at the shops.

    Good work!

    1. Ha ha, how funny:)

      The little man and the princess even build a life size Mario game on the floor using Lego and then acted out the game in 'real' life. So funny to watch, the princess shouting: "BBBB no, now XXX...." :)

    2. Lego, what a good idea.

      My boys keep building a level from the kitchen through to the front room, the house looks like a bomb's hit it.

      I've hidden everything flammable as I'm paranoid that at some point they will try and recreate lava!?

    3. The little man asked about the lava the other day and was told that is impossible to recreate! That it only excists in countries far away from Denmark! Did he believe me?? I hope so...:)

  2. It's a meee Mario, ha my kids love Mario :) he looks all grown up with the Mustacheio,very good :)


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