Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Children and the toothbrush!

What is it that happens with our dear children when told to brush their teeth?? Last night the little man had a major tantrum when it was time to clean his little teeth. The toothbrush was too heavy for him, he didn't want anybody to look and on he went with the excuses. It took a looong time to get over the toothbrush tantrum but eventually he caved and whispered "sorry daddy". All smiles when he went to bed.
This morning he woke up the happiest little boy and actually had his teeth brushed only complaining a little. I reminded him about the tantrum and said that we won't have that again tonight will we?? He honestely didn't seem to care but nodded in agreement and continued to draw. He used to be fine and happily brushing his teeth but after he has turned 4 it's not done without an argument or a big tantrum.
But I must say with his looks he does get away with a lot...

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