Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tooth Fairy and a dead mouse....

05.55am rise and shine mummy. Had the Tooth Fairy been?? She had indeed and a shiny coin had replaced the tooth. So really, no wonder an early waking up was in place. As for the little man, he just thought waking up nice and early would be fun!
Muffin the cat knocked on the door to the garden at 06.05am and with a smile (yes I am sure of the big smile) on her little face walked proudly past me inside. Closing the door I look outside. A dead mouse is laying right outside the door. That's why the big smile and proud walk. 06.10am the mouse is removed. Muffin wants to go out again not aware the mouse is now gone. About to go out she looks confused, then looks at me still confused, looks outside again and slowly walks out trying to find the mouse. As I close the door she looks at me with blame and walks off in protest of the missing mouse probably to go catch another one.

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