Sunday, 25 September 2011


.... up! Sorry ran out of words starting with S that I could use.
Here in tiny Denmark the sun has been shining from a clear blue sky since we got up this morning. It's warm and so lovely. We've been wearing summer clothes again and been bare foot. The little man asked after lunch if he should wear shoes outside or just feet. Ah.. just feet is fine honey:) Oh, and if we could call him Stanley from now, please (from the film Cars).
Autumn started nearly a month ago and suddenly the weather decides to be all summery.... Apparently next week should be sunny and warm here, and come the weekend (already October then) it's supposed to be really nice and warm. That's good for the princess though because her school has a themed week from tomorrow. They work across the classes and make all sorts of stuff. Saturday is a school day for the children and family come to see what they've been up in the week.
It's now close to bedtime and the little man, ups sorry, Stanley and the princess are relaxing watching Wizard of Oz.

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