Thursday, 15 September 2011

Life as a mum, soon-to-be-wife, blogger and handicapable.

For nearly 2 years now, I've been writing a blog about life with MS. We are around 15 bloggers and we meet once a year to get updates, help from the technical team, swop ideas and so on. The meeting this year was supposed to be next month but it has been moved to april next year. I had been looking forward to 2 days in a nice hotel, shopping a bit (okay, a lot) lovely dinner in a nice restaurant and of course the meeting. I was extra excited this time as well because I'd been asked to do a 45 minute talk about blogging, giving advice on how to write, put pictures, videos and links onto the blog. I'm very flattered to be asked and I now have until April to prepare.
I love writing, it's great therapy and yes I have a chronic illness but on a positive note, it's nice to be able to share the ups and downs of life whilst being 'handicapable' (I like that word more than 'disabled') and hopefully give hope, advice maybe, to other people in a similar situation.


  1. Excellent, I do a similar thing as a creaky arthritic mummy, having had arthritis since 15 months old now 34, if you picture a 90 year old getting on a floor to teach a baby to crawl you can picture me with my 8mth old son today haha. Really glad to meet you and shall be following you guys. It is such a barren land in terms of help/advice for disabled parents, really pleased to see others have realized this and we are all trying to do something for new parents to be who like us are a bit creaky :) If I can help you guys at all just shout or check my blog out, try to offer ideas on things like popper free clothing, darn those pesky poppers! haha x

  2. I have been following your blog. Great advise on there. It fantastic to read how positive you are just getting on with it. Brilliant. Loved your latest blog about crawling:) My fumbling sclerose fingers also hated those poppers when my son was little:)


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