Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lucia party at school and real candles....

In front of the mirror, the princess is rocking with a lipgloss in her hand. She's miming the words to James Blunt "You're beautiful" which is playing loudly on her pink CD-player.

Last night this was. She's warming up to her big performace tonight at school! Her class are starting the party by walking and singing holding a candle, all dressed in white. It's called Lucia (normally done on the 13th december. Lucia means light 'lux' in Latin) It'll be very cute to see 29 six year olds doing that and very scary.... Children with real candles, walking in a line singing and "Uh... hey mummy and daddy" Ups the child in front is on fire...... No, of course that's not gonna happen. I am making 2 very tight plaits on the princess though, no need to temp faith is there?

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