Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Straight or curly hair!

The princess has the most beautiful blond and straight hair.
Girls/women all over the world use hours getting straight hair like this. It's also thick. yes I know, she's a very lucky girl. But aged 6 she's not happy.... She wants curly hair! The easiest way to get that at her age, is to plait it while it's wet and let it dry. Saturday we did just that. After hours at Dino Land and a good night's sleep her hair finally curled!
Here she is with plaits, playing on one of the fantastic (and free) retro video games at Dino Land. The daddy had a great time showing all the games he used to play, and apparently was very good at as well he told them!
Here she is with curls...Cute, isn't she?

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