Wednesday, 7 December 2011


That's a game we play a lot. The princess has a photographic memory and the little man takes after her. The daddy and I rarely win, no seriously we don't and it's not because we let them win. I am way too competitive, so is the daddy and they might as well learn the hard way!
When Nana was here a couple of weeks ago we played Pairs a lot. Nana was easily defeated as well but that was not what made the princess and little man roll around the floor laughing. Every time Nana didn't get a pair she would say "poo" Oh.... that's a bit naughty and the laughter would take a while to stop!
Being a Nana you are allowed to teach your grandchildren these little things. Now when we play Pairs "poo" is said with a giggle everytime the princess or little man do not get a pair.
This is our favourite Pairs game. The princess got it for her first birthday from morfar (grandad).

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