Saturday 17 December 2011

Dino Land here we come....

"Are they real Dinosaurs' from the olden days?" "No, honey these are pretend ones" We are in Dino Land, a newly opened big indoor softplay very near to where we live. We've been missing such a place ever since we left London. Now we are lucky to have this fantastic place nearby. The little man and the princess had such a fantastic time there today. So if you're ever on holiday in Denmark then this place is worth a visit!
We took a nice picnic with us, found a place to sit then let the children run wild!

For a handicable parent like me, it was easy to get around and safe enough for even me with my stupid legs and the stick!
More excitement when we got back this afternoon. In the postbox were two letters from Father Christmas, one for the princes and one for the little man. They were so excited to get a reply!

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