Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's done.... really is! All the Christmas presents are bought. Yep, all of them... You don't believe me? Well, there are benefits with being disabled and having families in 2 countries. We shop nearly all online, it's easy, stress free, no queues, it's fun and we're enjoying having time to pick just the right present for everyone. This year we're in Denmark for Christmas and the English lot's presents are all done. I know, they're not wrapped in fine Christmas wrapping paper but there is a name on every present, and a brown soft envulope is just what you call "unique" wrapping! Actually the Danish lot's presents are done too and as we're here this year, they do get wrapped but not in "unique" wrapping!
This weekend the princess and the little man, with their daddy's help, have written their letters to Father Christmas. Wonder if their wishes come true....?
What do you wish for??
I wish for no snow, apart for the 23, 24, 25, 26th of December, snow and me with my stick and not too good walking is a bad combo.... Oh and an Ipad2 would be nice!
Just as a foot-note, here's what the princess said today looking at the computer about to play a game. "I can see the voice but I can't hear it talking...??" That sounded to us like "The lights are on, but no-one's home"!!!


  1. I am glad your children still write letters to Father Christmas,there was a news article (news is either ridiculously miserable or ridiculously inane here) telling us children no longer write letters but send Father Christmas an e-mail or text! How can you send those up a chimney, gosh I am clearly getting old liking retro classic Christmas music and moaning about the youth of today!

  2. Ha ha:) retro classic Christmas music, I love it and my children are forced to love it too:)Their daddy will not allow anyone in our house to not see the magic of Christmas:)Our Christmas tree is delivered by the fairy who sits in the top and only moves when we don't look. You wake up one morning and there it is, the Christmas tree, all very magic:)


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