Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hair cuts!

The little man has such cute golden brown curls, so no need to cut his hair too short is there...?

The other day he looked at his daddy and said "I want hair like you, daddy" I straight away got teary, couldn't breathe.... "NO" I wanted to scream. His dear daddy has very short hair and yes, it suits him but no way my little boy is having that!!! The daddy then thought he'd stir things a bit. "Just wait, you'll come home one day and it's all gone!" Well, that's not gonna happen..... Even if it results in me not allowing the little man any alone time with his daddy. I will not have his curls cut off! Why...? Because he looks so cute and if (okay when) he is a bit naugthy, other people will find it difficult not to think he is cute even when he has a tantrum in public! (yes it does happen...) Is that such bad parenting.....! Of course not, we all do it.

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