Monday, 27 August 2012

"But I don't have 4 hands, daddy"

The little man has been given a lot of Lego for his birthday. Not the duplo but the little original lego which he loves. It's cars, animals, a helicopter and lots more. His daddy and him have been building a car a day the last few days or actually it's just the little man building. Like here where the zoo animals are being made....

Anyway, back to the cars they've built. The little man wanted to play with the four cars they'd made together and asked his daddy to come and play. Daddy told him to start playing and he would come and play when he was finished with what he was doing.
The little man stuck his head out of his room looking confused "but daddy, I don't have four hands"


  1. Very cute! My boys love lego too. Such a valuable toy, it has really stood the test of time, hasn't it? My boys play with lego that belonged to hubby 20 years ago. It amazes me.

    1. It sure has:) We love Lego and living in the country who invented it we better do:)

  2. so very true!! Really, daddy?!! :P


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