Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gummee Glove.....?? No, it's a real word!

It's also a real thing and if I had more babies it would be a must have. Firstly, I absolutely love the name which tells you exactly what it is. Still in doubt...? Click on the picture below and enter the competition. You could be the one, winning one for your little baby. 
I would actually buy one just to be able to say this sentence "want to see a Gummee Glove?" I love funny words and this is one!

(I have recieved no payment to write this. I just love funny words)


  1. Haha hooray for Gummy Gloves! I have a gummy gem which my son very much enjoyed. Also how cute does the glove look bless!
    Loving bright blog look btw x

    1. Thanks:) I still can't get over what a great word it is....:D


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