Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hot, hot, hot....

This last week it's been hot but not as hot as the last few days where it's been like really hot, hot, hot.... It's lovely but I struggle a bit in heat like this. It has meant that a trip to the beach was possible yesteday though. It's only 2 minutes away! What's even better is that aunty V and our little cousin are here for the week and we all went to the beach together. The daddy and aunty V quickly thought it would be funny to bury their children.... You so often hear about children getting sun burned on the beach! Well, not in this case.

The little man is 5 years old in two days. I can't believe he's already 5.... He's very excited and next Saturday we're having his friends around for a little party. He was so proud when he handed out his invitations last Friday. The princess will have her birthday party for her school friends on Friday. We're off to Dinoland, a softplay near where we live. That had made up for the fact the princess is born in the middle of the school holidays. She's now forgiven us.....


  1. It's really hot here too. 38°C yesterday afternoon and probably the same today.

    I could so do with a beach and the sea right now!!

    Hope the birthday party goes well. 5 is a fabulous age. My 5yo wanted an exact replica of her 4th birthday party for her 5th party. (A princess party).

    1. How sweet she wanted the same party as the year before...:) We're off to the beach again later this afternoon:)


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