Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Argh... just lost an hour of my life.

Actually not really but sure feels like it. I left the house an hour too early to pick up the little man and the princess. Worst part of that or should I say the most embarrassing part, was that it took so long to realise, I was an hour ahead of everybody in the country. One thing is picking the little man up early from nursery, but picking up the princess an hour too early from school is sooooo embarrassing. And only realising it as her nice cool teacher invites the little man and me in to the class (luckily it's playtime) is just too much. Well, good part was I got to draw all the princess' little friends castles! (and no, I'm not that good at drawing). The cool and nice teacher then sits with me to chat, saying it's so nice of me to come and stay a bit and the princess can go home early. Do I lie? Pretend to be such a good mummy I just thought I'd be coming early today to draw lots of castles? I felt I had to admit I messed up the time, and that I'm not a 'Supermum'!
It feels like I've lost an hour, but I guess I can wait to the end of month. I'll get it back then when the clocks change or does it not really work like that? Either way, hour lost or gone, it feels weird..... Anybody tried it?

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