Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday at school, a great finish to a week all about well-being.

This last week at the princess' school there hasn't been any "normal" school days. The whole school has worked across the years in groups, the theme all about Well-being. Today it was the big finale and we all went to see what the princess had been up to the last week. Her job today was giving hand-massage to who ever wanted it. The cream used was the good old dark blue Nivea, which never quite managed to soak completely into the skin, leaving greasy and shiny hands! Never-the-less the queue was long and the princess might have a career in a beauty salon in the future.... Who knows?

There were lots of other things to do as well. Painting little pictures which will be put together to one big art display hung up in the school.

The highlight was defo the big finale show which finished off a fantastic Saturday morning. All the children in the school had been practicing Stomp (you know, the drumming on buckets and making noises with brooms etc.) So everyone from age 5 to 16 was making "organised noise" for 10 minutes using empty bottles, empty cans, cans with rice in and buckets. It was brilliant (despite the princess' not so smiley face!)
We decided to finish a busy, lovely Saturday off with a great meal at our favourite restaurant Bones (courtesy of Nana & Papa!) We all love the food there. The little man and the princess especially enjoyed the ice cream they created themselves.

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