Friday, 7 October 2011


The little man and the princess love magic. Their daddy loves showing them magic and so far they are convinced he is magic. Well, nearly because the smile on the princess' face tells me otherwise but good as she is, she's not telling her little brother (or her daddy). This morning while they were having breakfast, the princess was letting the little man believe he was magic. The screams of joy were a delight to listen to at 7am and the pride on the princess' face when she gave me a knowing smile and a wink, was priceless. Then my heart sunk a bit because how do I break the news to their daddy, that his princess knows the truth.... He'll defo deny it and find excuses. Maybe it'll just stay between me and her. The little man still firmly believe his daddy is magic so he'll has to settle with that. I dread when the princess and the little man stop believing in the Tooth fairy and Santa. It will break their daddy's heart. Maybe I'll get them to pretend for his sake!

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