Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Old toys are the best...

We went to mormor's house today. She has lots of old toys which the princess and the little man love to play with. They're wooden and build-something-you decide-yourself kind of toys. Everytime they are there they play with the same few things.

Back home again, lets get back to the modern world. Still being creative, it's a make-your-own-picture kind of game on the Nintendo. Today the princess had the patience to let the little man watch.

He does not have a DS yet as his mean parents think he should wait untill his 6th birthday, like the princess did. To be fair to him, he has not asked for one (yet). Will we be able to be strong when or if he starts begging for one for his 5th birthday? Of course we will! Is it mean or fair parenting? We'll find out when the princess and the little man leave the house in protest.
Cute they are all wrapped up ready to go to mormor's!


  1. They played with it for 2½ hours yesterday:) It's 25years old:)


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