Wednesday, 28 March 2012

England here we come.....

Woop Woop!! We are sooooooo excited. 4pm tommorrow we leave our house, drive for an hour, check in, drive on board the BIG ferry and enjoy the next 18 hours (which of course will be pleasant as I have arranged with the weatherman for the wind to stop.... )!
I'm not stressed about packing because there's no weight limit and I can take more or less what I want! Are we ever gonna fly again (hmm.. probably depends on how sea sick I get...)?

10 days we're staying at Nana and Papa's seeing aunties, uncle, cousin and friends. The princess and little man are soooo excited about the Easter Egg hunt. I'm excited about the clothes shopping, the daddy can't wait for Indian take away!

I will probably not have much time writing any blogs but not to worry. I will tell you all about our Easter holiday.

Are you looking forward to Easter? What are you doing?

Happy Easter.


  1. Have a wonderful trip! And a great Easter.

    1. thank you:) Happy Easter to you:)


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