Thursday, 1 March 2012


The daddy, princess and little man play school a lot at the moment. The daddy is the teacher and when they answer correct they get a tick like this followed by the daddy saying "kerching".

Nothing wrong in that really, is there....? Well, no but it has resulted in the little man not knowing a tick was called "tick".
Him and the daddy were playing a game together on the computer. An option on the screen appeared and a tick was needed. So the little man said:
"Look daddy, it's a kerching"!


  1. Very sweet. And it gets even worse when you raise your kids bilingually...
    Look, there's a kolibri.'
    'Silly mummy! It's a hummingbird!'

    1. I know. There's some words my children never say in Danish or in English, they mix and match a sentence as they like:) We understand but other people might not:)


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