Friday, 16 March 2012

Sleepover and MacDonalds.

The princess is having a sleepover at school tonight. Just her class, 28 very excited 6 year olds are now (it's 11pm here) probably whispering, trying to go to sleep. I dropped the very excited princess off earlier at 5pm. They were going to have burgers for dinner, be dancing to disco music, have popcorn and lemonade with funny straws to drink from!

So, left with mummy and daddy, was the little man. Thought he could have a little treat so a Happy Meal was picked up. He was very happy but did ask for a cucumber which he ate first.
No toy in the Happy Meal but instead a little activity book and a pencil. Good one MD!!! The little man spent 45 minutes after dinner colouring in, drawing and writing in his little book.
Very happy with himself he sat back on the couch and declared "I'm tired now". I think he found it tiring having to entertain his mummy and daddy all alone! We can be high maintenance....


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