Sunday, 25 March 2012

Simple as that.....

Is what our wedding is gonna be like. We like simple and I think it's very classy. I'm not very classy, a hippie is what my mother-out-law calls me! She's probably right.... That doesn't mean the wedding can't be just a tat classy, does it? Anyhow, as I said, simple is the way for us!
Tables will be have a white velour table cloth on and one red flower in a slim vase! There'll be red and blue balloons on the walls and then the princess, little man and I have made these...

They will all be hung up on a string with sweet little pegs on the wall between the balloons! Sweet, homemade, therefore cheap and very simple.
The food will be a buffet, nice, simple but delicious summer food! The daddy and the princess are so excited about the dessert.
It's a daytime wedding and we want people to relax and enjoy themselves.

What d'ya think?

1 comment:

  1. I think that's a really lovely idea. What a wonderful touch! I handmade most things for our wedding and it felt so nice to have such a huge input into it.


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