Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Frogs! A very scary little creature....

Don't you think? Honestly guys help me out here, they're horrible little creatures aren't they? No?! So it's just me then who hates them....
The one night a week the daddy is not home because he plays football, a frog shows up at the garden door. That's our cat Muffin's door, she's a very clever cat and knocks on it to be let in. (read) I'm relaxing on the sofa enjoying the fact that 'Medical Night' is finally back on TV, (read) when I hear this little 'knock knock'. Presuming it's Muffin I get up and go to open the door. It's a FROG..... Shock horror!!! What to do, what to do..... I slam the door before it can come in. I'm screaming with no sound, don't want to wake the children. I think the frog is trapped in the door but no way can I check. It has to wait for the daddy to get back home. Almost, only almost as bad, I'm missing most of Medical Night. Seriously frog, why Monday...??
The daddy arrives home 20 minutes later to find me very hysterical, terrified, crying and all over the place. I'm sent to our bedroom to watch TV, door closed, the daddy is dealing with the frog!!!
I'll spare you the details but end of story is, the frog was still very much alive but removed from our premises!

What's your biggest fear?? As you probably guessed, mine is frogs!


  1. Oh dear! Sounds very traumatic! I had a similar incident when the cat brought in a bird, i am TERRIFIED of birds!

    1. Uh.. hope our cat doesn't decide to try that. I'm not to keen on birds either!


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