Tuesday, 8 May 2012


.... bickering, bickering!! All the time, everywhere, in the car, at dinner, at breakfast! It's driving me insane.... (and the daddy too) It's the princess and little man I'm talking about. They have the last few months, started bickering, not proper fighting or arguments, just bickering!
I know it's just how it is, that it'll stop (at least for a while, right? To give us a break?) that they'll get older and wiser. Because they will, won't they?
Then suddenly on a Sunday morning or a Thursday afternoon, they will play in the princess' room. No shouting, crying, bickering at all for more than an hour. Or they will cover the floor in the little mans room with train tracks. The daddy and I will enjoy every moment of the non bickering because it will start again! Hard to believe though when you see them together like this.....

They're planing our Disneyland trip (honeymoon) something they don't seem to bicker about!

Do your kids bicker??


  1. I have that problem here to. It starts with the bickering and then there;s the tattling. It drives me crazy but you're right, those moments when they are getting along and playing nicely are so worth it!

    1. Ah, glad to hear I'm not the only one with bickering children!


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