Friday, 25 May 2012

Finally.... We're sooooooooooo excited!!!

It's nearly like Christmas today, really it is. We're so so excited and I'm not exaggerating! I know you're bursting to know what I'm on about, aren't you..... Well here goes!

We finally got an Indian Take Away in the town we live in!! Yep, that's absolutely huge....
I'm sure that for people not living Denmark this is not big news and when we lived in London, we had an Indian on every street corner, so I do understand that. We've missed Indian Take Aways so much for nearly 5 years now, only having them in England when on holiday there.

Why not just cook indian food myself? Well, I do do that sometimes but it's not the same...!

The daddy came back with veggie samosas, veggie pakoras, chicken tikka massala, plain and garlic naans. Yummy yummy yummy.....

It was so delicious and we even have a bit of left overs for tomorrow.

Do you eat Indian?


  1. HVOR????

    Det ser godt nok lækkert ud! Jeg har en kogebog med indiske opskrifter, og det hele ser så godt ud! Men har aldrig lige fået prøvet det an!

    1. Det er i Middelfart. Chicken Tikka Massala var det første jeg nogensinde smagte, den er mild og cremet så det er en god første gangs ret:)

      Go' Pinse til dig og din familie:)

  2. Yay!! I love Indian takeaways, and I agree, it's not the same when it's made at home! x

  3. I love Indian food! I prefer indian food in London than in Paris!

    I stopped by from the clairejustine bloghop

  4. Yum! Must have been torture without! Every time we go on holiday abroad we rush to the local Indian when we get back! Nice to find you via the blog hop

  5. Yummy we love this,I would so miss it too :) yah glad you now have one...I've tried but I know what you mean it's not the same :)


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