Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mr Sulk.

Drawings by the princess. Story by pApA.

No matter what you did or what you said, it was impossible to get into the good books of Mr Sulk.
He didn't like anyone to think they were better than him and even if he found that someone had done a good deed, his face would drop and he would go off into a corner (always on the left) and that's right - sulk!


Because he hadn't thought about the good deed first and that annoyed him.

One day, it was a particularly bad sulk day, he was walking to the Post Office to buy some stamps, so he could send off a letter of complaint. He was always complaining. He met Mr Clever and for Mr Clever it was a particularly clever day.

Mr Clever told Mr Sulk that he had been very clever and had bought lots of stamps last week before the postage costs go up and with his little clever smile said "I'm sure you were clever enough to do the same thing!"

Mr Sulk gave a great big sulky frown and proceeded to the Post Office, one of many things that irritated Mr Sulk was to be made look foolish.

When he got to the Post Office he immediately checked the price of stamps. Only to be told by Miss Postie that today the price of stamps had gone up.
Mr Sulk frowned and immediately complained and said he would write to the Head of the Post Office to complain. So, yet another Mr Sulk letter of complaint!

Miss Postie, who was very tired of Mr Sulk's sulks said what a good idea that was , then asked Mr Sulk whether he needed any stamps for his letter of complaint?

Mr Sulk rudely said "Of course I do, how else can I send a letter of complaint?"

Miss Postie tittered to herself and quietly said to Mr Sulk "Well, you will have to pay the new price, do you want a 1st class or a 2nd class stamp?"

Oh dear Mr Sulk was so annoyed - he went into the left hand corner of the Post office, sat on the floor and guess what?

That's right, he sulked!

(Please don't copy text or use the drawings without asking me first. Thank you)


  1. This is great :)Mr sulk sounds like me when I don't get my own way!!Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays :)

    1. I'll let papa know you like his story:)


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