Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Once again....

Denmark has been awarded with the title Happiest People in World! Wow, we still live in the happiest country in the world... I don't know how  it's messured but it must be true when it's all over the news, right?
Hmmm... Today it has been true so far. Most of the parents at school and nursery said "morning" back when I said morning to them. I can assure you, that does not happen every morning. The postman coming out of the door at the physio also smiled and said morning back. Most of the people in the waiting area at the physio smiled back when I smiled and said morning. The lady at the check out in the supermarket was chatting away and wished me a lovely day. My answer of course being "Thank you and a lovely day to you too" 
Don't get me wrong, I am proud of living in a country with apparently the happpist people in the world. I'm a happy person even when the weather is bad. So is my British very-soon-to-be-husband (11days to go) but he was very happpy, as was I, when we lived in London too. Sorry London for taking some happiness with me when we moved to Denmark. Maybe that's why we're so happy here... We apparently find happy people in other countries and bring them here! Hmmm, that's cheating isn't it??

The princess and little man are defo the happiest children!

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