Monday, 28 November 2011

Father Christmas came and went....

... and so did Nana. The weekend has been fantastic and Sunday the little "nisse" came and left things in the stockings. Play Dough and a candy cane for the princess and the little man which were received with loud screams of joy! Father Christmas came on friday night on a boat and he was in town again yesterday at the Christmas market, handing out sweets and making Nana smile!
With a stick the princess and the little man excitedly fished for a present, both luckily catching one each.

The first candle in the Advent decoration was lit. Not a very traditional Advent decoration but I love making my own special one.
The two lovely boxes are from my aunty. Not for me but for the princess and the little man, both came with lovely chocolate in. I think the chocolate should be shared with the adults (as in me and their daddy)! That's only fair, don't you think?

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