Thursday, 10 November 2011

Olden days and new days....

Daddy: "What did children get for Christmas in the olden days?" The princess: "Statues, black and white statues..." "Really, no toys or sweets?" "Nope...!" Daddy: "How did people look then, in the olden days?" The princess: "They were tall and thin and they had very long noses!" "Long noses, why?" "Dunno but they were black and white all of them." Daddy: "Were there no colors at all?" The princess: "No of course not, colors did not come until the new days daddy" "Right and when was that again?" "100years ago of course"
So now you all know these important facts about the olden and new days. And who would not believe an intelligent little princess like this!
The little man said he knew a lot about the new days. Daddy sat down to have a little chat with him about that.
Daddy: "Do you know how many people there are in the whole world?" The little man: "A million!" " A million in the whole world?" "Yep" Daddy: "What about cats? How many cats in the world?" The little man: "Ten" "Really, just ten?" "Yep and ten aeroplanes" Daddy: "How many cars then?" The little man: "A million!"
Wow a car for everybody in the whole world but very long queues in the airports! Here's a very relaxed little man who clearly knows what he's talking about!

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