Sunday, 13 November 2011

Manflu... Seriously?

Men and illness do not go hand in hand very well! I'm sure you all have some kind of experience with that. We've had a case of a, luckily not too serious, manflu yesterday. It's nearly over now, he survied without major scars, apart from the scars on his soul because his soulmate (that would be me) did not understand his manflu's seriousness. He says they'll heal too though, in time! Phew, that's lucky. But seriously, what is it with men and illness....? Must be genetic since a little sniffle for me is the flu for a man! Ah well, I guess it's in my genes to look after him which I do enjoy. I just have to remember, looking after him is not including jokes, laughter and generally fun things. It's very much frowned upon!

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