Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I know the song, I know the lyrics (at least I think I do) I have no idea who sings the song!

Okay this is actually a bit (or 'very' if you ask my soulmate) embarrassing. I love music but (and lets be honest here) more often than not, I have no idea who sings the song I'm listening to. The soulmate being a musican (he plays the drums, piano and guitar), a very clever one who knows everything (according to himself ) is not happy with that. Yesterday we were listening to the song Borderline, good tune from our youth and the soulmate asked me "Who sings this?" Uh... I felt the pressure because as I know the song very well, surely I should know who sings it. Wild guess.. "Kim Wilde" Uh... the shock and horror on his face clearly showed me I'm wrong and very wrong! It's Madonna of course. Today, Like a Prayer was on, the soulmate looked at me "surely you know who this is?" Ha... I actually do but let's tease him.... So I said "Kylie" Hilarious, you should have seen his face and especially when he realised I was teasing him.
This is our music corner at home where the 3 talents (no I'm not one of them) play....

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